Stephan Kreutzer

Principal Consultant

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Stephan Kreutzer is a Principal Consultant at Technopolis Group, which he joined in 2018. He has expertise in public policy evaluation and impact assessment with a focus on research and innovation policy and financing; SME support and access to finance; industrial policy; international trade and employment policy; justice and home affairs; education and employment policy. He has led and contributed to many assignments for international, European and national public bodies, with a focus on projects for the European Commission and the European Parliament, often with an international dimension. He has successfully applied a range of qualitative and quantitative methods such as interviews, surveys, focus groups, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, and statistical and cost-benefit analysis. 

Stephan is currently working on an initiative to create a research and innovation network between Europe and India on behalf of the European Commission. He is also key technology expert on a study for the African Development Bank to unlock the potential of the fourth industrial revolution for Africa. Stephan recently concluded an assignment for DG EAC of the European Commission to evaluate the Education and Training 2020 Framework. Stephan also led the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020’s financial instruments for DG RTD of the European Commission. Also for DG RTD, he contributed to the interim evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies programme and a study on intersectoral mobility schemes for researchers. Stephan also played a key role in a feasibility study for DG RTD concerning the set-up of a venture capital fund of funds recently launched. Stephan co-authored a study looking at the economic impact of Industry 4.0 for the European Parliament.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Stephan worked at the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services, a UK-based public policy consultancy. 

Stephan holds an M.Sc. in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin. He is fluent in English and German, and has advanced knowledge of Spanish. 

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