The search for synergy: Business Environment Reform and Green Growth: A practical guide for policy practitioners

Publiceringsdatum: 1 juli 2017 | Språk: EN

The practical guide was initiated in May 2015 by the Green Growth Working Group (GGWG) of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED). It was developed as a joint product with the Business Environment Working Group (BEWG) given the complementarity of the two themes and the potential synergies from adopting an integrated policy approach.    

The guide was commissioned to TECHNOPOLIS Group and written by Matthias Ploeg (Technopolis Group), Carlos Hinojosa (Technopolis Group) and Michal Miedzinski (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources), with the support of Marco Antonielli (Nathan Associates), Ignacio Fiestas (Nathan Associates), Geert van der Veen (Technopolis Group), Meghan O’Brien (Wuppertal Institute for the Environment) and Henning Wilts (Wuppertal Institute for the Environment)  

The Co-Chairs of the GGWG in 2015, Kees van der Ree (ILO) and Cristina Martinez (OECD), played an active role in drafting and revising the explorative report, case studies and early stages of the practical guide. The finalization of the joint product was facilitated by the current Co-Chairs of the GGWG, Alexandra Oppermann (GIZ), Naeeda Crishna Morgado (OECD) and the Chair of the BEWG, Farid Hegazy (ILO).   

The development of this guide was financed from the DCED Trust Fund, complemented by contributions from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GIZ and ILO. The Working Groups are most grateful for the support.