The Technopolis Group Baltic office is performing an evaluation of three Business Finland (former Tekes) programmes that supported innovative public procurement and co-creation.

Smart Procurement programme (2013-2016) was activating public sector to learn and implement practices of innovative procurement to enable creation of new lead markets for innovative solutions. Built Environment programme (2009-2014) aimed to develop and renew practices and processes concerning built environment, especially regarding real estate and construction sectors with focus on renovation and refurbishment activities and on construction works supporting wellbeing. Witty City programme (2013-2017) targeted challenges related to urbanization and supported the formation and success of Finnish businesses and provided funding for innovative investments.

The evaluation will provide detailed information on what results each of the programmes have created, how well have the objectives set for the programmes been achieved, what impacts they have had, and how relevant, efficient and effective have the programmes been. As requested by the client, the evaluation will pay specific attention to the value of services provided in the scope of the programmes.

The evaluation consists of several methodological streams:

Technopolis consultants from Tallinn, Stockholm and Brussels offices are part of the team.

For further information please contact Jari Romanainen or Anete Vingre.


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