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Tatjana Guznajeva is a consultant at Technopolis Group, Amsterdam office. She specializes in analysis and evaluation of policies in the fields of entrepreneurship, labour market, innovation and digitalization. Tatjana has contributed to numerous policy evaluations and impact assessments, provided advice for strategy development for international, national and regional public bodies. Due to Tatjana’s professional experience and educational background, she employs a variety of research methodologies, including surveys, interviews, statistical and econometric analysis, case studies and workshops.

Most projects in which Tatjana has been involved either focus on interrelation between novel technologies, private sector and labour market, or on international collaboration in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Among them are listed the study that supports digital skills development for SMEs in Europe (EC EASME), the strategy development for increasing the R&D intensity in the medtech sector (Irish Medtech Association), the evaluation of program “Anzisha at Scale” for Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs (African Leadership Academy), and the research project that explores innovation and internationalization opportunities for European companies in emerging markets (EC EASME). Currently, Tatjana is conducting a study for Eurofound examining the impact of digital technologies on the nature of work in companies, develops an innovation scan for companies in the eastern Netherlands (Novel T), and supports the EU-India and the EU-Africa innovation and technology cooperation between business incubators (EC DG RTD).

Before joining Technopolis Group, Tatjana worked for the British Red Cross and, the UN agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO). As a member of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe, Tatjana conducted research studies, such as “Promoting decent work opportunities for Roma Youth in Central and Eastern Europe”, “Assessment of support to local employment partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, both published in 2016.

Tatjana holds BA in International Politics from Middlesex University (the United Kingdom), MSc in Public Policy and Human Development from United Nations University and Maastricht University (the Netherlands). She works effectively in a multicultural setting, fluently speaking English, Russian and has a good command of Latvian

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