Paresa Markianidou


Kontor: Belgien - policy consulting

Paresa Markianidou has developed expertise in the assessment of innovation and R&D policies and their impact on major socio-economic aggregates at both national and regional level. Paresa also manages data resources to accommodate the needs of projects and maximises the value of the Technopolis’ core databases. She has substantial experience working with bibliometrics using Scopus, trade data using UN Comtrade, patent data using Patstat. Her methodological expertise are in time series analysis and forecasting, panel data modelling, Cost Benefit Analysis, comparative analysis, survey analysis and data mining such as factor, cluster and network analyses.

Prior to joining Technopolis, her professional research experience focused on economics with a specialisation in transport. Paresa worked as a researcher at the Flemish Research Centre Commodity Flows in Antwerp in Belgium and as a Marie Curie EST fellow at the University of Genoa in Italy. She also worked as an intern at the Council of the European Union DG-Fisheries and Maritime Affairs and at the Port Authority of the Dodecanese.

Paresa has a PhD in Applied Economics, at the University of Antwerp. She holds an MSc in Transport Economics gained at The University of Antwerp and a BSc in Maritime studies at The University of Piraeus in Greece.

She is a native Greek speaker and is fluent in Dutch, English and Italian. She understands and speaks basic German, French and Portuguese.

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