Lina Luque

Office Manager

Kontor: Colombia

Lina Luque is the Office Manager for Technopolis Group Colombia and she has developed projects such as INNOVACT for the European Commission. She has organized multiple events at national and international levels (i.e., over 8 years of experience) supporting cross-border cooperation and innovation in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile for Latin countries and Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Denmark and England in Europe. She establishes contacts and active public relations between Latin American and European partners from government, administration, business, science and civil society.

She has participated in the coordination and preparation of proposals for a variety of social actors such as national and regional governments, multilateral and bilateral agencies, universities, research centres and consulting firms. Among the institutions, she has been involved in Colombian public sector institutions ( Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, National Planning Department, Industry and Tourism, National Consultancy Centre, multilateral agencies (e.g., World Bank, IDB, CAF, UNDP and the European Commission) and bilateral donors (USAID, British Council, SwissContact and SECO).

Lina obtained her BA (Hons) diploma in International Event Management from the University of Brighton, in England. She also studied Agro-Industry at the Universidad Católica de Colombia, in Colombia. She is fluent in Spanish (native) and English.

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