Lina Luque

Office Manager

Standort: Kolumbien

Lina Luque has developed expertise in social and political impacts of international event management, with a recent particular interest in the social inclusion and social inequalities. She has contributed to evaluation, impact assessment and studies of British international events. She has applied successfully a range of methods such as literature review, interviews, surveys, case studies, and statistical analysis.

Recently, Lina has contributed to a study on the Brighton Festival and Fringe. She was involved in the research of “The Brighton Festival and Fringe: Promoting Social Inclusion” as part of her dissertation. She also participated in developing an event for the legacy of the Latin culture in Brighton, UK.

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Lina worked for Whalefest an international event in England. During this time, she contributed to create awareness of marine animal protection on the local community. Previously Lina worked in various charity events as an assistant manager helping national and local communities.

Lina obtained her BA (Hons) diploma in International Event Management from the University of Brighton, in England. She also studied Agro-Industrialist Technologist from the Universidad Católica de Colombia, in Colombia. She is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English.