Review Report on the Immediate Climate Action Programs 2022 for the Buildings and Transport Sector

Publiceringsdatum: 25 augusti 2022 | Språk: DE

In the report prepared in accordance with Section 12 of the Federal Climate Protection Act (Bundes-Klimaschutzgesetz, KSG), the Council of Experts on Climate Change (Expertenrat für Klimafragen, ERK) examines the assumptions of the climate protection measures on which the immediate climate action programs for the buildings and transport sectors 2022 were based. The Expert Council’s review follows a three-step approach that includes both an examination of the reported emission reductions in terms of compliance with the KSG target path, as well as an examination of the approach used to calculate them and the likelihood of their realization. For the buildings sector, the report finds that the immediate climate action program will provide a substantial contribution to mitigating the sectoral emissions. However, the assessment of the measures also points to uncertainties in the likelihood of achieving the emission reductions and to the expectation that the proposed measures will continue to miss the sectoral targets in the coming years. Cumulatively, the KSG target for the buildings sector would only be met again in the year 2030. For the transport sector, the ERK finds that the proposed program has an emission-reducing effect, but does not meet the requirement for an immediate climate action program under the Federal Climate Protection Act (Section 8 (1) KSG). Taking into account the measures of the program, a cumulative compliance gap of 261 megatons remains for the transport sector until the target year 2030.