Evaluation of ARI

Publiceringsdatum: 15 februari 2021 | Språk: FR

The ARI scheme was introduced in 2010 in response to the decline of industry in national GDP, which is reflected in the destruction of industrial employment, which is particularly high. This scheme aims to help companies, through repayable advances, to carry out their productive investment in France, by integrating objective criteria of comparative advantages from different geographical areas. It is mainly aimed at industrial companies with less than 5,000 employees or belonging to a group of less than 5,000 employees, with an investment project in France of at least 5 million euros and creating 25 jobs over a three-year period. The Steering Committee (Copil) of the ”Aid for Reindustrialisation” action wanted to measure the results of the action in relation to the objectives initially set as well as the efficiency of the use of appropriations. This evaluation must provide an estimate of the impact of the aid granted on the development of the beneficiaries, the overall impact of all the projects financed in the light of the objectives set out in the IIP and, more generally, the economic and financial profitability of the action. The evaluation also includes a perspective of the ARI in relation to other actions pursuing comparable objectives in France and internationally.