Samuel Leistner

Senior Consultant

Kontor: Storbritannien

Samuel Leistner is an economist specialising in climate change, renewable energy policy evaluation, sustainable finance, industrial policy, and economic development with a focus on the role of public development banks. He worked on climate change & renewable energy projects for various national and international clients including United Nations, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank and the British and German Governments. Samuel is experienced in using a wide range of methods such as  econometrics and financial analysis and he can design complex theory based evaluations.  

He currently works as a senior policy expert on the design of the new Climate Change & Green Growth Strategy and Action Plan for the African Development Bank. On the European level he recently led a work strand of the evaluation of the European Investment Bank’s Energy Lending Criteria, and currently act as the task leader for supporting the open public consultation on the Contribution of the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry sector to the Green Deal for DG CLIMA and worked on studies concerning renewable energy and battery storage for the European Commission DG Energy & DG Research. In the UK he deputy manages the evaluation of the multi-billion-pound renewable energy Contracts for Difference auction scheme which aims at increasing investment into UK renewables. He further authored an evidence report on the design of competitive energy auction schemes for the British Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. He also works on evaluating the British Prospering from the Energy Revolution Industrial Strategy Challenge as well as on supporting the UK’s £505 million energy innovation portfolio through multiple projects, such as evaluating the UK Hydrogen4Heat programme and the UK Energy Entrepreneurship Fund as well as supporting the KPI monitoring process of the ministry.  

In Germany he currently evaluates the leading energy transition Think Tank Agora Energiewende and the German High-Tech Start-Up Fund. For the Inter-American Development Bank, he worked on a study on regulatory sandboxes and testbeds in the field of energy and on a study on Green Growth in Fragile Contexts for the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development. Samuel contributed to the 2018 UN Financing for Development Report focussing on the role of public finance institutions in financing climate change mitigation and private capital mobilisation through blended finance. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Samuel worked for the Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development at the Institute of Development Studies. Samuel holds a BSc in European Economic Studies from the University of Bamberg, a BA in Applied Economics from Corvinus University Budapest, and an MA (distinction) in Globalisation, Business and Development from the Institute of Development Studies, and is certified by the Frankfurt School of Finance/UNEP as a Climate & Renewable Energy Finance Expert. He is fluent in English and German, and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish.   

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