Jeanne Prades

Senior Consultant

Kontor: Frankrike

Dr Jeanne Prades has strong expertise in Political Science and International Security, with a particular specialty in long-term relations between the MENA region and Western Europe. She also has expertise in the French Higher Education, Research, and Innovation ecosystem, having worked for the past 5 years in a number of different universities both as a researcher and in knowledge transfer roles.

Prior to joining Technopolis, Jeanne was Corporate Officer at PSL University (Paris) where she worked on building bridges between industrial partners and research laboratories through research contracts, consulting, seminars, and training. She worked in close relations with various stakeholders such as researchers, scientific and innovation departments, the French National Agency of Research (ANR) and National Agency of Research and Technology (ANRT), as well as the Investment Bank (BPI). She also supported partners in responding to national funding calls (France Relance, PIA, etc). Before that, she worked in a consulting role in the Paris Saclay’s innovation ecosystem to improve knowledge transfer.

She holds a BA in History and a BA in Arabic Studies, as well as a master’s degree in International Relations, and a PhD in Political Science. During her studies, she was lecturer in International Relations and International Security at several French Universities and worked for the Middle Eastern office of the French Ministry of Defense.

Parallel to her academic and professional path, Jeanne is involved in French public debate through interventions on the perception of Islam in France and Europe on various media (journals and radio).

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