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Asel Doranova is a researcher-consultant specialising in green and circular economy policies with over 15 years of relevant experience. She has an interdisciplinary educational background including a PhD in Economics and Policy studies of Technical Change, a Masters degree in environmental sciences and policy and development studies as well as a graduate degree in engineering. 

Over the years, Asel has built a strong expertise in eco-innovation and circular economy. Being at the core of the EU Eco-innovation observatory, European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre, Industrial symbiosis, CIRCTER – Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences, as well as other projects, Asel is regularly involved in the research, indicators collection and trend analysis of circular economy transition in the EU and internationally. Since 2010 she has been involved in setting the eco-innovation and circular economy indicators, compiling the EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard and coordinating the team of national experts in eco-innovation and circular economy from 28 EU MS in preparing national reports. She has done studies on business models for circular and green economy, collaborative businesses with the resource saving potential, as well as on policy instruments and regulatory barriers to circular economy. Asel has built a strong knowledge on various policy instruments promoting supply and demand for innovation in circular economy and has been consulting the European, national, regional and overseas policy makers on circular economy and systemic eco-innovation issues. She has designed several policy and practical guides on eco-innovation and circular economy for policy makers, regional authorities, SMEs and intermediary organisations. 

Asel is also a certified project and programme evaluator with a practical experience in impact assessment and evaluation of project, policies and regulations in areas of environment, energy, chemicals, RTDI and development. She has been involved in development of the methodologies for assessment of environmental impact of RTDI policies and programmes and assessment of impact of regulation on innovation.

Asel’s academic research have largely focused on issues environmental sustainability and development, north-south technology and knowledge transfer under the Clean Development mechanism of Kyoto protocol, NGO-state collaboration in environmental policy making. She has a pool of publications including a book chapter, articles in high ranked peer reviewed journals like Resources Conservation and Recycling, Energy Policy, International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, as well as in UNIDO and UNU-Merit working papers series.  

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