Innovation is one of Technopolis Group’s founding principles. We have always aimed to be at the forefront of providing strategic, objective advice to policymakers. With the rise of big data and open public sector information, data analysis has become crucial to evidence-based policymaking. That’s why we have developed a broad portfolio of data services.

Many data sources can prove crucial to your decision making. Useful data sets range from regional and national statistics, over the many rich datasets built up by programmes and funding streams, to trade and patent data.

While these data are increasingly accessible, exploiting them is rarely straightforward. While some data are available in readily accessible formats, many others are part of legacy systems that have become difficult to process. Others still can only be found in an unstructured form. Our experts know their way around such chaotic data sets.

We help you make sense of your own data and support you in sourcing and combining the right data to answer your questions. To do this, we use a variety of techniques to establish custom methodologies for curating, combining and analysing new and legacy data. We also develop tools to communicate and visualise our findings. Some of the methods we rely on are:

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