Health is key to societal wellbeing and economic progress. Research and innovation in life sciences and health technologies are opening up new ways to improve the health of people everywhere and at all ages. At the same time, countries face increasing healthcare costs and healthcare systems struggle to make the best use of these innovations.

We provide robust evidence to support decision-makers along the policy cycle as well as actors across the health ecosystem. We combine novel research methodologies and in-depth technical knowledge about translational research, health data and technologies, policies and practice. We help set up new initiatives, monitor their activities and evaluate the resulting scientific, economic, and societal impacts. We also conduct comparative analyses of health research and innovation systems, policies and strategies across countries and organisations.

We assess the challenges and needs of research systems and support the design of fit-for-purpose research programmes. We also conduct theory-based evaluations of socio-economic research impacts.

Technopolis Group has led pioneering studies on how the EU Member States can use their research and innovation base, apply technologies and social innovations, to deliver cross-cutting solutions for healthy and ‘smart’ ageing.

Research funders and international development agencies increasingly advocate for inclusiveness and authentic partnering between researchers from developed and developing countries to achieve long-term capacity building and shared benefits. We primarily work on initiatives that fund R&D for poverty-related and neglected diseases and product development partnerships, offering evaluations and technical support. We also conduct studies on health systems innovations in low-resource settings.

The pharmaceutical sector is moving away from blockbuster drugs to more personalised treatments. However, pricing and reimbursement models put pressure on the affordability of new and effective medicines. We assess the economic impact and results of EU legislation and innovation activities. We have, for instance, studied innovations in medicine manufacturing in EU Member States as well as the effects the implementation of the Access to Medicine Index has on pharmaceutical companies.

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