Technopolitans are exceptional people with a passion for policy

We care
Our projects make a difference. We explicitly focus on projects that tackle societal and environmental issues. We are not a lobby group and always start from independent, evidence-based research. We don’t just want to provide the correct answers, but to ask better questions.
We also care about our clients. We’re proudly client-oriented, we speak their language and share their concerns and are happy to go the extra mile to support them in their important work. 

Driven intrapreneurs
We want people to grow within the Group. That’s why we offer regular training events and organise our yearly Technoday conference, with inspiring keynote sessions and hands-on workshops to keep up with the latest policy developments and methodologies.

Technopolitans are self-starters. Our experts are given the room to experiment and innovate. They have a passion for learning and enjoy a challenge. We actively foster an environment that nurtures the talent and vision they bring to our company.

It’s personal
It’s our people that make the difference. We are a diverse company that cherishes our employees’ individuality and welcomes debate and different perspectives. Our work requires a high degree of autonomy and independence, yet we’re team players who value others’ opinions and input.

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