We live in a global world. Whatever happens in one country influences what happens in others. That is why we see international cooperation as the key to research and innovation, economic and social development. If we want to tackle global issues such as underdevelopment, poverty and inequality, we need thoroughly thought trough approaches, policies and programmes and above all bridges between countries.

We have been working with decision-makers in the international cooperation arena for more than fifteen years. We believe that vision combined with an evidence-based approach is the best if not the only way forward.

That is why we’re constantly fine-tuning our approaches to help set and implement an agenda that supports the SDGs:

We work for multilateral development banks, UN Organisations, European Institutions, Bilateral Donors’ Agencies, national governments, higher education and research institutions in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and North Africa and Asia.

So far, we have developed an extensive portfolio of 100+ projects in over 40 countries. We have two regional offices in Bogota (Colombia) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast) as well as an extensive network of consultants, partners and associate experts across the continents. 

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