Geert van der Veen

Managing Partner

Offices: Netherlands

Geert van der Veen is managing Partner of Technopolis in Amsterdam and member of the Company Board of Technopolis Group. He has a background as an environmental engineer and has some 30 years of experience in the fields of science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy. Geert is well acquainted with science and innovation policy at EC level and in various European countries and regions. Geert has been a researcher, a civil servant at a government agency, a director of a research institute and a consultant. He works at regional, national and supranational level, in the Netherlands and abroad. Recent flagship projects led by Geert are, amongst others, the  evaluation of the six national research institutes in The Netherlands (“TO2-instituten”, 2017), the support for the development of the strategy of Dutch research council NWO (2018) and the evaluation of the 3 national research institutes in Luxembourg (2019). Furthermore, he was involved in various studies for the European Commission (e.g. the ex-ante impact assessment of the Institutionalised Partnerships (2020)) and the evaluation of the  Belmont forum (on-going, 2020) and the development of national strategy for Science and innovation in Myanmar for UNESCAP (on-going, 2020).

Geert started working as a researcher environmental technology at TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). From 1989 Geert worked for Senter (the Dutch agency for technology policy implementation, now part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, where he was consecutively project advisor and deputy group head. On these positions, he was evaluating grant applications and setting up and managing (national and EU) government programmes in the field of research and innovation.

Geert became director of the E.E.T Programme in 1997. This office (approx. 15 employees) ran the Economy, Ecology, Technology stimulation programme, in which longer-term strategic research projects by consortia of partners from industry and knowledge infrastructure were supported. The budget of the EET programme was approx. 45 million Euro/year, the average project subsidy 3.5 million Euro.

After E.E.T., Geert worked at the Wageningen UR Research Institute for Agrotechnology and Food Innovations. There he was director of the Business Unit Renewable Resources (approx. 100 employees, turnover € 9 million/yr) and member of the management team of the Institute.

Geert is fluent in English and Dutch, has a good working knowledge of German and a basic understanding of French.

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