Global. Founded in 1989 as an academic spin-off of Sussex University (UK), Technopolis Group is an international research and consulting organisation working for the public sector. Starting as a frontrunner in the science, technology and innovation policy sector, we have grown and diversified our areas of expertise and solutions to climate change and environment, digital transformation, education and skills, life sciences and health, and international cooperation. We have expanded our activities beyond Europe, to Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific. 

Insights to drive change. We believe rapid insights based on the latest evidence, experience and ideas are needed to navigate the pressing societal policy challenges of today. Our mission is, therefore, to help decision-makers understand the complex transitions and systemic changes in our society so they are equipped to take strategic decisions towards a sustainable society, improving policy actions and their communication to the wider society.  

Solutions along the policy cycle. Our work ranges from evaluation studies, strategy & design, implementation support, monitoring & analytics, and communication for local and regional authorities, national governments and agencies, the European institutions, international organisations, such as UN Agencies, Multilateral Financial Institutions, NGOs, research and innovation organisations, and public-private partnerships. 

Diversity. We are building a team of policy and communication consultants representing a wide range of disciplines, professional experiences, academic backgrounds, nationalities and identities. Our diversity of profiles, coupled with our innovative spirit, enables us to provide bespoke responses to our clients, which are at the heart of what we do.  

Responsibility. We are proud to drive the growth of our company on a set of shared values. We feel responsible and accountable to society for ensuring a sustainable future. Beyond our sector-specific expertise, we rely on facts, practical applications, and we always look for impact. 

Employee-owned. Over these years of growth, we have remained an employee-owned company. All our shareholders work in the business. This ownership structure, independent of vested interests, has provided a solid foundation for expanding our services to support policy makers across the globe. 

Our values

What does it mean to be a ‘Technopolitan’​?     

We are passionate about what we do. We pursue projects that have societal impact, help to protect the planet and promote prosperity. 

We are independent and impartial of political or vested interests, objective and respectful of evidence. We are pragmatic optimists when it comes to acknowledging the role policy can play in shaping a better world, with a realistic, experience-based understanding of how policies perform and how to improve them. 

We are committed to methodological rigour and depth of analysis. Our consultants are geeky, rather than flashy. Our recommendations can have considerable influence, so we work hard to assure their reliability and consistency. 

We are continuously curious, employing innovative solutions and methods, where possible, and pragmatic approaches, where needed. 

We are team players, acting together as one firm to deliver the best teams and expertise to our clients. We work almost exclusively with in-house staff, familiar with national and regional contexts. 

We are dedicated to professional development, supporting each other and sharing our skills across geographical and thematic clusters. We know that the most successful teams are diverse in terms of personal and professional background and expertise. We maintain and encourage an inclusive and respectful company culture that facilitates different career paths, while upholding our obligations to each other, our clients and society.