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Le Phare Lot 847 Ilot 61
01 BP 4799 Abidjan 01
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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Africa is one of the most dynamic continents in terms of economic growth. Countries like Rwanda, Senegal or Ghana have recently also made important steps promoting research and innovation as drivers for sustainable development. Even so, the continent in all its diversity still struggles with underdevelopment, poverty and inequalities. To solve these, it needs rigorous approaches, policies, programmes and, above all, international cooperation.

Technopolis Group has been active on the African continent for more than fifteen years. We work for the African Development Bank and the Work Bank, UN organisations, European institutions and organisations, bilateral donors’ agencies, African national governments, higher education and research institutions in Africa.

Our work has helped to implement policies that encourage research and innovation, economic and social development. We believe that vision combined with an evidence-based approach is the best if not the only way forward. That’s why we’re always fine-tuning our methods to help set and implement an agenda that supports the path to the SDGs.

Francie Sadeski is the Managing Partner of our Abidjan Office (Ivory Coast), in charge of leading our in-house consultants and associated consultants team across the continent.

RCCM : CI-ABJ-2020-B-10702, VAT number (CC) : 19032013S

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