Policymakers and organisations operate in changing institutional, societal, economic and technological contexts. They increasingly feel the pressure to make the best use of their budget. Doing this requires them to define and adjust their priorities and agenda constantly. 

For three decades, we have supported policymakers and organisations at different levels in elaborating smart policies and agendas.  Our expertise helps them to prioritise their interventions and investments and allows them to draft policy agendas, strategy documents, actions plans and programmes that meet the needs of target groups and citizens. As part of our strategic support, we also advise on governance system and organisational changes, we do feasibility studies of policy instruments and organisations.

We are particularly active in the fields of research and innovation, entrepreneurship, SMEs and industry, green economy and regional development and cohesion. We offer objective advice that is underpinned by diverse methods:

We strategically advise Governments, European institutions, regions and cities, research and innovation institutions, universities and business associations and cluster organisations in Europe and worldwide.

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