Higher education plays a key role in research, innovation, employability and entrepreneurship. To do so effectively, it needs to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the global economy, approaches to societal challenges and trends in technology. Higher education has never been under this much pressure to re-imagine itself and transform.

As a response, higher education is seeing major changes. The sector is expanding significantly, with an increasing number of public and private institutions that welcome a growing number of students. Both access to higher education and the diversity of courses are on the rise. At the same time, the HE market has become globalised and is undergoing digital transformation. Finally, HE is placing a much stronger focus on employability and entrepreneurial skills development through new modes of teaching and learning.

Technopolis has been working in the area of higher education for over fifteen years. We have a dedicated Higher Education Group, which brings together national and international expertise from across all of our offices.  We have studied changes in the system, investigated how businesses can work more effectively with higher education institutions, and evaluated programmes and projects which improve individual skills and competences.

We provide expert services in the following areas:

We also have experience working on issues related to higher education. Many of our consultants are experts on research and innovation policy, research leadership, doctoral training, funding systems and academic career issues. We understand innovation from the university and research perspective as well as from the business and external perspective.

Technopolis works with clients across the globe, undertaking major studies and evaluations to support the process of change. Our clients include national and international organisations such as the European Commission, international aid agencies, the OECD, national governments, individual universities and other organisations.

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