The transition towards an inclusive green economy helps tackle some of society’s most critical challenges.  It helps improve human well-being and social equality while reducing environmental risks and resource scarcity. It’s clear then why greening the economy has become a strategic priority at the national and international scale.

Technopolis Group has been working with decision-makers to foster such an inclusive green economy for more than ten years.  We’re constantly finetuning our approaches to help governments, start-ups, SMEs and industries tackle issues related to:

We provide various services to local, national and international clients across multiple domains, such as research and innovation, EU regulations and directives and support schemes:

Our clients include the European Commission (DG Environment, DG GROW, DG Research and Innovation, DG Energy, DG Justice, EASME), the European Parliament, ESPON, the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development, OECD, UNIDO, multilateral development banks as well as a number of national and regional governments and agencies, clusters, business associations in Europe and beyond.

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