Expert ideas deserve expert communications. Technopolis Group is very active in specialised areas such as research and innovation policy, higher education and sustainability. Our clients are diverse, but they have at least one thing in common: they tend to deal in complex, detailed data and information. Our communication’s office, Arctik, can help translate your knowledge to specific audiences, whether that’s fellow experts or complete newcomers to your field.

To communicate with impact, you need to be where your target audience is. That is why we help you analyse your audiences and the platforms on which they are active. We have developed extensive expertise working across mediums: we help you find the right mix between a website, social media, an app or an online platform as well as traditional print materials and media. We cultivate meaningful dialogues and facilitate the creation of networks promoting projects and circulating content. We also frequently organise events that offer the perfect setting for communicating and sharing knowledge.

We craft content that catches and keeps your audience’s attention. Our team of communication experts and copywriters has experience drafting various text genres: from brochures, website copy and reports to snappy slogans and social posts that stand out. Our creatives meanwhile offer a wide range of services in graphic design, motion design, photography, infographics and commercial and documentary videography.

Measuring is knowing. Having a clear view of your communications’ impacts is crucial to improving your strategies. That’s why our approach to communication is always underpinned by data and evaluation. We know our way around website analytics and social media data and constantly fine-tune our methodologies to evaluate communication.

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