Start-ups, SMEs and industries make a difference. They fuel economic growth and can help address social and environmental challenges across the globe. Yet to do so, they have to keep pace with their rapidly changing business environments.

For more than 20 years, Technopolis Group has been working with decision-makers to support growth. We’re constantly finetuning our approaches to help start-ups, SMEs and industries tackle:

We advise policymakers on setting and implementing an agenda that supports enterprise. We help them foster start-up creation and growth, innovation in SMEs, the uptake of technology; the development of innovation ecosystems and clusters. We evaluate policies and programmes and facilitate policy-learning exchange. We also conduct strategic studies, particularly to assess the impact of regulations on the EU’s Internal Market competitiveness.

Finally, we have ample experience in supporting innovation ecosystems such as incubators, clusters and business associations. We help them thrive by defining roadmaps, smart business models and international collaboration strategies. We also help to create links and exchange platforms between innovation ecosystems within Europe and across continents.

We work with national promotional banks, development finance institutions and their sponsors. Our insights allow them to better identify, understand and analyse start-ups and SMEs financing market gaps. We also help them to design new financial instruments to support firms, i.e. debt, equity and quasi-equity blended instruments.

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