Evaluation of the Growth Hubs, 2015-2020

Publication date: 18 July 2023 | Report language: EN

Our process and impact evaluation of the Growth Hubs, a network of 38 Hubs supporting local bussinesses delivered by the UK Local Enterprise Partnerships, is out. Our independent review concluded that businesses that engage with the Growth Hubs do benefit in terms of increased sales and employment.

We recommended:

1. Improve communication and marketing of the network.

2. Increase resourcing for the Growth Hubs, directly or indirectly.

3. Support further development of the offer, learning from the experience of the pandemic.

4. Deliver consistency of the offer across the network.

5. Improve data collection and reduce bureaucracy.

We are delighted that our conclusions and recommendations have been picked up by the LEP network.

The report is also available on the UK GOV website, here.

The team: Cristina Rosemberg, Nadya Mihaylova, Vivek Seth, Laura Sutinen, Rita Cimatti, and Julie D’hont.