Laura Sutinen


Offices: United Kingdom

Laura Sutinen is an consultant at Technopolis with experience in public policy, higher education and innovation. Most recently, she has contributed towards impact evaluations concerning policies supporting SMEs in the UK as well as the economic analysis of patented innovations in Europe and beyond. Laura is a confident contributor in the areas of interviewing, desk research and literature reviews, and often supports in projects through quantitative data analysis and written up case studies.

Recently, Laura has contributed to two separate projects evaluating programmes around the English SME landscape for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Growth Hub programme and Small Business Leadership Programme. Around the same time, she has been supporting an evaluation of the UK’s participation in the European Space Agency for the UK Space Agency and the study of Qatar National Research Fund for Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council. Prior to this, Laura delivered data analysis and case studies towards an international impact study of the European Social Survey.

Prior to joining Technopolis, she worked with multiple areas of financial security threats, including monitoring for money laundering and detecting human trafficking at a multinational financial company. She obtained a BA degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology at University of Brighton in 2013, and an MA in Global Conflict, Security and Development at University of Sussex in 2018. Laura is a native Finnish speaker, fluent in English and has a basic handle of Swedish.

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