Evaluation of NordForsk

Publication date: 19 September 2022 | Report language: EN

On behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Danish Technological Institute and Technopolis Group have conducted an evaluation of NordForsk. The focus of the evaluation was to understand NordForsks organisational performance and system impact in relation to new challenges in the Nordic research and political environment, new elements in NordForsk’s governance and operations. The evaluation also included an assessment of the effects these changes have on NordForsk, as well as the impact NordForsk has on the Nordic research and innovation system and society at large.

The objective of the evaluation is to provide information and new knowledge which serve to maintain and improve the level of Nordic research cooperation and hereby a significant input in generating the Strategic mandate for NordForsk from 2023 onward.

The main conclusion is that NordForsk’s organisational performance has been excellent since 2018 and has developed to a relevant and useful platform for Nordic collaboration on initiating Nordic research collaboration.