Vera Stafström


Offices: Sweden

Vera Stafström works as an analyst at Technopolis Group’s subsidiary in Sweden. In her capacity as an analyst, she has developed expertise in public policy evaluation including innovation systems and higher education policy. She has contributed to evaluations, impact assessments and studies for European and national public bodies. During her time at Technopolis Group, she has successfully applied a range of methods such as interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, econometrics and statistical analyses. Vera has conducted statistical analyses of large datasets in several projects. 

Vera has studied economics, statistics and political science at Lund University from which she obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics. In addition, Vera holds a master’s degree in international business and trade from the University of Gothenburg. During her studies, Vera has focused largely on quantitative analysis and economics. Vera is fluent in English, Swedish and has a good understanding of Norwegian.

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