Advancing Cleantech and Bioeconomy in Finland

Publication date: 28 May 2021 | Report language: EN

Evaluation of three innovation and six export promotion programs

Finland is known as one of the leading countries in balancing the different aspects of sustainable development. Business Finland is one of the key institutions to contribute to implementing national strategies, both through funding and services provided. Technopolis Group and Tyrsky Consulting have delivered an evaluation analysing the results, relevance and impacts of nine bioeconomy and cleantech programs of Business Finland and its predecessors Tekes and Finpro.

The evaluation concluded the programmes were timely and thematically relevant. The programmes had positive incentive effects on the beneficiaries, and economic impact analysis generally supports the findings. The evaluation identified a few governance challenges. For example, due to the lack of clear objectives and systematic monitoring, the sustainability impacts of the programmes cannot be estimated. This resulted in recommendations calling for a better definition of sustainability goals and closer alignment and coordination with national strategies and policymaking.

Find an infographic summarising the evaluation of the growth programs here.

Find an infographic summarising the evaluation of the innovation programs here.