Dominik Beckers


Offices: BalticsAustria

Dominik Beckers works for the Baltic office as a consultant; he initially joined Technopolis Group in October 2017 as a student analyst. He primarily sources his drive from a multitude of highly interesting factors within the field of human and economic geography, regional economic development, circular economy, innovation as well as urban studies. His research interests correspond to these fields. Dominik is a confident user of interviews, literature reviews and case studies for policy analysis. In the course of his academic and professional career, he familiarised himself with quantitative research techniques and methods as documented by his proficiency in statistical and data-processing programmes such as R and GIS. 

Recently, Dominik has been involved in several projects and activities. Most notably, his involvement in, and contribution to the EC’s Eco-Innovation Observatory, EWI Flanders’ Benchmarking Analysis of Personalised Medicine, ESPON’s Future Digital Health in EU, EC DG Grow’s Study to monitor the economic development of the collaborative economy in the EU or the Assessment study of the Urban Agenda for the EU have shaped his professional ambitions and qualifications alike. 

Dominik obtained his undergraduate diploma in Economics, Business Economics and Economic Geography from Utrecht University (Utrecht, NL) and the University of Iceland (Reykjavík, IS). He recently completed his graduate degree in Human Geography at Lund University (Lund, SE) and National Taiwan University (Taipei, TW). Being a native German speaker, Dominik is also fluent in English and has some understanding of Dutch and French. 

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