Technopolis Group Baltics recently completed evaluation of three Business Finland programmes (Witty city, Smart procurement, Built environment) focusing on co-creation and innovative procurement. Evaluation provided information on what results each of the programmes have created, how well have the objectives set for the programmes been achieved, what impacts they have had, and how relevant, efficient and effective have the programmes been.

In summary, there were clear evidence and indications that the evaluated programmes did have an impact in the targeted participant groups and that these impacts can be attributed to the programmes, programme services and funding. This would indicate that in that respect, the use of public funds for these three programmes could be justified. However, there were strong indications, that had the design, implementation and governance of the programmes been better aligned with the maturity of the target groups with respect to both new methods and practices, and ecosystem level objectives, the impact could potentially have been much more significant.

The evaluation recommends that in the future programme rationale and design should be strengthened to answer questions like why programmes are implemented, what for and what are the alternatives, what is their role in the policy mix, what are the synergies, impact mechanisms and how can impact be identified. Stronger governance should be established for policy mixes aimed at capitalising on societal challenges and significant international business opportunities. The evaluation report is available here.

For further information please contact Jari Romanainen or Anete Vingre.

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