Technopolis Group is now part of the consortium led by Particip that has been awarded Lots 16 (Evaluation at Intervention Level) and 17 (Strategic Evaluation) of EU’s new Framework Contract (FWC) SEA 2023.

The FWC SEA 2023 is intended to support the EC Directorates-General in charge of the implementation of External Action (DG INTPA, DG NEAR, DG ECHO, FPI, EU Delegations). Lots 16 and 17 support EC services in carrying out external and evidence-based evaluation of EU external action in partner countries and regions worldwide, and can include ex-ante, mid-term, final or ex-post evaluations. Intervention evaluations (Lot 16) will focus on projects and programmes while strategic evaluations (Lot 17) will analyse policies, strategies and larger portfolios of interventions.

The prospective scale of operations within these two transversal lots amount to 120 million Euros (Lot 16) and 40 million Euros (Lot 17) for over a period of two years, with a possible two-year extension.

This significant achievement is a testament to the team’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering impactful solutions in the realm of evaluation of public policies. The FWC’s objective aligns seamlessly with our mission to help decision-makers understand complex transitions and systemic change to improve policies toward sustainability and engage the wider society.

Technopolis Group express its gratitude to the European Commission for entrusting them with this important initiative. We look forward to collaborating with consortium partners, to leveraging our skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the success of SEA 2023.

We are looking in experts in all fields, especially in Health, Education, Private Sector Development, Climate, Energy, Biodiversity, Research and Innovation, Migration.

Find out more on how to apply here.

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