Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Technopolis is currently conducting an exploratory study into academic self-censorship in Dutch higher education and research. As part of this research, we are conducting an open consultation so that researchers, teachers and students in higher education can share their experiences anonymously.

This study into academic self-censorship stems from a motion by the Dutch Parliament. The aim of the exploratory study is to map the prevalence, causes, forms and consequences of academic self-censorship in Dutch science and higher education.

If you are a researcher, teacher or student at a university or college and you have experiences relevant to the research that you would like to share with us anonymously, click here.

Academic self-censorship has been defined within this study as “the adjustment of behaviour and expressions in education and research in response to (expected or experienced) external pressure”. Academic self-censorship often stems from expected negative consequences of not engaging in self-censorship. To give some examples of self-censorship:

The open consultation runs until 14 July.

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