Geert van der Veen

Managing Partner

Oficina: Países Bajos
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Geert van der Veen is managing partner of Technopolis in Amsterdam and member of the Company Board of Technopolis Group. He graduated as a chemical engineer specializing in environmental technology. He has about 30 years of experience in the field of policy consultancy. Many of Geert’s projects (and much of his experience pre-Technopolis) relate to sustainability. Geert works throughout the policy cycle. He provided strategy consulting to public organisations, conducted many policy studies, helped set up government (support) programs and was responsible for many program and policy evaluations and impact assessments.

Geert started as a researcher in environmental technology at TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). From 1989 Geert worked at Senter (the Dutch agency for the implementation of technology policy, now where he was successively program manager and deputy group head and from those positions assessed grant applications and set up and managed government programs in the field of sustainable technologies. In 1997 Geert became director of the programme Economy, Ecology, Technology (E.E.T.), where he was responsible for spending about half a billion euros on sustainable innovations. After E.E.T., Geert became director of the BU Renewable Resources at the Wageningen Research Institute for Food and Biobased Research (100 staff, EUR 10 mln/turnover/y).

He joined Technopolis in 2003. Geert is fluent in English and Dutch (mother tongue). He can work in German (read, listen, speak) and understands and speaks French.

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