Assessing the Impacts of EU Regulatory Barriers on Innovation

Authors: Viola PeterChristien EnzingLaura RomanKincsö IzsakMariana Dates (Optimity Advisors)Maike Venjakob (Wuppertal Institut)

Language: English

Publication date: 31st December 2017

The study on “Assessing the Impacts of EU Regulatory Barriers on Innovation” aimed to: 

  • Provide an economic analysis of the effects of EU regulatory barriers to innovation during the past 10 years defined in terms of  
    • Additional costs for innovations as a result of regulatory barriers
    • Lack of adequate response to the patterns of global demand 
    • Missed investment opportunities in Europe
    • Missed job opportunities 
  • Provide an economic projection respectively until 2020, 2025 and 2030 of additional investment, innovation potential and job creation in Europe if regulatory barriers would be removed in the following sectors: Energy, Food, Health and Water
  • Provide an overview (description, context, implementation, effects) of national or regional initiatives to address regulatory barriers to innovation
  • Provide a practical guide on how to apply the Commission’s Impact Assessment tool on Research and Innovation

Download the report to read our assessment on the impacts of EU Regulatory Barriers on Innovation.