An assessment of the cumulative cost impact of specified EU legislation and policies on the EU forest-based industries

Authors: Lorena Rivera LeónKastalie BougasEleonora ZoboliJulien RavetElina GrinieceJudith VermeerFilip AggestamHelga PülzlHelga PülzlFrederike EttweinTobias SternJo Van BrusselenTim GreenNataša LovrićElias Hurmekoski

Language: English

Publication date: 30th November 2016

The aim of this study is to identify the cumulative costs, both direct and indirect, of the most financially burdensome EU legislation and policies that forest-based industry (F-BI) companies active in the EU28 have to comply with. Specifically, the study objectives are: 

  • Quantification of the cumulative direct and (where possible) indirect costs of relevant legislation and policies for the selected F-BI sub-sectors in the EU
  • Demonstration of the evolution of costs of the relevant legislation and policies over time (2005-14) and likely qualitative developments in the coming years
  • Comparison of costs and provision of conclusions on the cost impact of EU legislation and policies on respective F-BI sub-sectors. 

Later on, a qualitative comparison is made between the cost structures of the EU F-BI sub-sectors woodworking and pulp, paper & paperboard, given the legislative regime within which they operate in the EU, with those of their main international competitors, operating within their own specific legislative frameworks. (NB in some cases, the latter may include relevant EU legislation). Where relevant and possible, comments are given about implications for the competitiveness of the respective global regions.