Technopolis Group is supporting DG REGIO’s newly launched Smart Specialisation Strategies Community of Practice(S3 CoP).  

The S3CoP is the central node on guidance, networking, support, and peer-learning on S3, covering its conceptual development and its implementation. The S3 CoP builds on the decade-long experience on S3 and brings it forward with a fresh approach. The S3 CoP provides practitioners with a broad set of strategic services, by understanding their needs and co-designing solutions on any relevant S3 aspect. The S3 CoP aims at reaching out to all quadruple-helix stakeholders interested in Smart Specialisation and creating a space for learning and advancing together. 

 The key activities, coordinated by the S3CoP Secretariat, are articulated along the following services:  

Technopolis Group will be the leading the consortium providing the services to the S3 Community of Practice, in partnership with IDEA Consult, EFIS, Opix, CIVITTA, Old Continent, WMH,as well as 4FRONT, ERRIN, Vanguard Initiative, and the University of Brighton

As well as coordinating the whole project and actively contributing to all the activities, TG is leading the Expert Group, the Targeted Support activities, the working group on industrial transitions and the knowledge capitalisation efforts. 

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