Press release,  Brussels.

After years of collaboration, Technopolis Group and Arctik (Belgium), a boutique communication agency, are pleased to announce they have  joined forces. Arctik becomes a Technopolis Group company, operating as an arm’s length Technopolis Group subsidiary. Cédric Hananel, who founded Arctik, will continue to lead his team, based in Brussels, Belgium.

“We are particularly excited to offer a new set of communication services and better value for money to our existing and future clients. With this merger, we will strengthen our expertise and improve our impact” says Matthieu Lacave, Technopolis Group Managing Director.

By joining Technopolis Group, Arctik will benefit from an increased access to expertise in the areas of science, technology and innovation policy and gain accelerated entry to new national markets.“Arctik will strengthen the Technopolis Group’s portfolio by incorporating communication consulting services such as stakeholder engagement, strategic communication, creative direction, press relations and event organisation.” says Cédric Hananel, Arctik founder, and Managing Director.

Both companies share a joint vision and common societal values. This merger combines knowledge and communication. We believe it will enhance the quality of the service we provide our clients and partners as our team of +140 consultants, based across 10 countries, continue to be the pre-eminent providers of policy advice and support to policy decision makers. 

Technopolis Group is the provider of policy advice and support to decision making – grounded in evidence and experience – to organisations and people with a mission to address environmental and societal challenges and achieve economic growth by means of science, technology, innovation and education.

Arctik is a boutique communication agency recognised for its strategic and creative communication capacity in the field of environment, green business and climate change. 


Matthieu Lacave, Technopolis Group

+33 6 62 76 94 59  @TechGroup89

Cédric Hananel, Arctik sprl –
+32 494 547 103 @Arctik_eu

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