Technopolis Group has completed the International Evaluation of Scientific Institutions’ Activity in Latvia covering 63 research units. We developed the evaluation methodology and coordinated the work of six peer review panels to assess quality and impact of research, research environment and infrastructure, and development potential of research units. 

This was the second time the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia entrusted Technopolis Group to perform this task. This allowed to analyse the progress research units have made since the previous assessment that Technopolis Group performed in 2013. Peer review Panels concluded that many research units had considered the recommendations of previous assessment and implemented specific actions to address them. This has resulted in overall improvement in performance. Still, all Panels concluded that base funding for research in Latvia is too low and the government needs to invest more in research and innovation. 

The process of the evaluation was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and made the initially planned in-person site visits to research units impossible. Technopolis Group organised more than 60 on-line meetings covering visits to research institutions and Panel meetings. To compensate for the lack of a physical tour of the research facilities, Technopolis Group organised a filming service before the visits. This allowed the units to prepare short videos to show the research infrastructure. 

Technopolis Group prepared the Consolidated report summarising Panels’ observations and providing policy recommendations. The Consolidated report is available here

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