We are pleased to announce that Technopolis, in collaboration with COWI, has been commissioned by the Directorate-General for Climate Action of the European Commission to work out potential new and creative policies to support low-carbon intermodal mobility solutions for passenger transport and freight.

This project aims to provide guidance on the most important solutions for intermodal transport on the EU level, identifying the most promising policy options and assessing how these novel policies can be financially supported.

According to the European Green Deal, the EU should reduce emissions from transport by 90% by 2050 and 75% of inland freight carried today by road is required to shift to rail and inland waterways. Given the EU’s ambitious climate targets, intermodal mobility solutions – the seamless integration of various modes of transportation to create a comprehensive and sustainable transportation network – are thus key to achieving a climate-neutral and fair mobility transition.

The focus of the contract is the identification and analysis of policies to support high-impact intermodal transport solutions that deliver quick, long-lasting, and significant emissions reductions.

Authors: Jan Stede, Helen Garber, and Pauline Pasquier.

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