Technopolis Group Baltics in collaboration with Ernst&Young Baltics, the Institute of Baltic Studies and think-tank Praxis is currently conducting a mid-term evaluation of Operational Programme 2014-2020 in Estonia. The evaluation covers the whole Operational Programme with 12 Priority Axis covering all thematic and geographical areas of Estonia. The aim of the evaluation is to assess the Operational Programme’s relevance, efficiency, impact and sustainability. During the evaluation data on Operational Programme’s outcome, result and financial indicators will be collected as of end of 2018 and assessed to what extent the objectives are reached. In addition, an assessment on relevance of objectives and actions in reaching objectives by 2023 will be provided. Also, assessment of project selection criteria will be provided and finally an impact on Estonian economy as a whole will be observed.
Evaluation is contracted for the Ministry of Finance of Estonia and will be finalized by June 2019.

More information from Katre Eljas-Taal.

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