Cédric Hananel is the founder and managing director of Arctik, the communications agency that joined Technopolis Group in early 2019. Arctik excels at communication projects with a focus on climate, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the circular economy.

Shared vision and ambition

After more than eight years of working together on diverse projects, Arctik and Technopolis Group decided to join forces. “It’s the perfect marriage of in-depth knowledge and creativity,” Cédric believes. Technopolis Group now counts a team of experienced communications professionals among its ranks to make sure the insights we provide hit home with stakeholders and citizens. Arctik helps our policy specialists whether they are running an online campaign, writing a brochure for the general public or organising events. Working with Technopolis Group has presented Arctik more opportunities for interaction with the stakeholders and practitioners Technopolis Group often collaborates with. This has allowed our communications team to get a better feel for the needs of the professionals they are often targeting in their communications.

Communicating for impact

Better communication of science, technology and innovation can more effectively drive social and environmental change. “We specialise in increasing information transfer and awareness that can trickle-down into decision-making at all levels,” Cédric explains. “Our team of communication experts and creatives design tailored campaigns. They translate complex research and policy into powerful messages and visuals.” Arctik can translate niche content to broad audiences. It helps bridge knowledge gaps and fosters collaboration between disciplines.

Technopolis Group and Arctik are the perfect marriage of in-depth knowledge and creativity!

Cédric Hananel, founder and director of Arctik

A winning formula

Technopolis Group is all about evidence, but Arctik also knows that facts do not always change minds. While our communication is always facts-based, it translates knowledge into engaging content and events that inspire. We rely on storytelling techniques, behavioural change insights and experience-based concepts to make an impact. 

Cédric especially enjoyed a project for the EU Ecolabel, “we knew that just raising awareness of the label wouldn’t change consumer behaviour”, he says.  “So, we came up with the EU Ecolabel Showroom. This was a space where visitors could discover EU Ecolabel products in a relaxed setting, where they could interact with producers, service providers and consumer associations.” It was supposed to be a one-off event in Brussels, but Arctik has since taken the show on the road to Paris and Berlin. 

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