The Belmont Forum has asked Technopolis Group and Elsevier’s Science-Metrix to measure its impact as it nears its 10th anniversary. Belmont Forum is an international partnership of funding organisations, science councils and regional consortia. The organisation is committed to the advancement of transdisciplinary science.

Technopolis Group and the Elsevier-owned evaluation firm Science-Matrix collaborated with the Belmont Forum to evaluate its impact and value. This evaluation consisted of two components. First, the assessment of the impact of the Forum through the examination of the delivery of the Collaborative Research Actions (CRA’s), including scientific, policy, and other impacts, as well as the added value to transnational and transdisciplinary collaborations. Second, the evaluation of the organisational functioning of the Forum, including the funding announcements, efficiency of procedures, transparency and inclusiveness of the Forum, etc.

We defined a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis tools and performed interviews, surveys of beneficiaries, member and partners, as well as desk and case studies.

The report has demonstrated Belmont Forum’s positive contribution to global knowledge exchange and progress toward the understanding, mitigating and adapting to global environmental change.

Find out more about this study in a piece published on Elsevier.

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