Data is everywhere. From sales revenue to political affiliation and weather forecasts, every piece of organized information is data. Digital innovations allow for the collection and analysis of all sorts of data, and are driving the way governments, agencies and businesses are taking decisions. OPIX is a new AI-driven consultancy cofounded by Technopolis Group that assists policymakers, practitioners, and communities in exploring new “policy intelligence” avenues.

Advances in computational power, combined with the unprecedented volume and variety of data have fostered the development of AI tools, unlocking evidence and insights that were previously inaccessible. This opens an array of possibilities for consultancy. Take large open public consultations for the European Commission, which can gather up to 4 million responses. Using automated techniques and algorithms, we are now able to analyse the entirety of the available data and extract meaning of answers provided as free text, instead of having to use sub-samples. Experts can then easily perform quality checks of the analysis. Using new techniques, we can also derive insights on how research leads to innovation and supports green economy, extract consumer patterns for policy decisions, or guide decisions on how to upskill our human capital towards digitalization.

OPIX is a partnership by Technopolis Group, Athena Research and Innovation Center and key experts in the domains of policy and data analysis. It provides solutions using big data and assisted by AI techniques that are built and configured with expert knowledge, while complying with data restrictions and personal data protection laws. Processing big volumes of text from scientific papers, surveys, government decrees and websites, OPIX offers sector-specific tools and platforms addressing precise policy or business needs.

OPIX’s AI-driven techniques give Technopolis Group the means of accessing and analysing data that complement existing techniques and methodologies. Joining forces with OPIX allows us to stay a few steps ahead on the latest developments and state-of-the-art techniques in the field. We are combining Technopolis Group’s core expertise in policy, analysis, evaluation, and strategy with OPIX’s techniques to respond to the data-driven needs of our clients.

From content extraction to network analyses and classification, Technopolis Group is eager to support its clients to make the most out of data using a new array of AI-driven tools. For more information about data-driven consultancy, head over to the OPIX page or to the OPIX website.

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