EU policy making in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation and Climate neutrality (e.g. energy efficiency and renewable energy policies) is a complex process. It includes many stakeholders and a constant and ambiguous triangulation between national governments, the European Commission, the European Parliament and last but not least various business, research and  innovation  stakeholders.  Policies  at  EU  level  are  mostly  evidence  driven,  include  numerous (public) consultations with stakeholders and take a long time to consolidate. In that respect, institutions and organisations that collaborate with the EU or follow EU developments need to have a good understanding of EU’s decision- making bodies and processes as well as stay up-to-date with the latest policy directions.

Technopolis Group is Europe’s leading research and consultancy firm in the above-mentioned fields and delivers independent strategic advice to decision-makers in Europe and beyond as well as conducts evaluations and impact studies. Founded more than 30 years Technopolis now operates in 11 offices all over Europe, in Latin America and Africa with over 200+ consultants. Our methodology is focused on excellence through an evidence-based approach combined with skilled and experienced dedicated teams.

Technopolis group has supported numerous organisations to better grasp the ins and outs of policy design and implementation at both national and EU level and to capitalise on their implications. This know-how has aided governments to learn from each other and foster cooperation.    

Since 2019, Technopolis has provided strategic advice and insights on European policy developments for agencies and organisation in Japan, Taiwan on the following topics:

For more information on European policy developments at both national and European level contact our leading consultants (Lisanne Saes and Kleitia Zeqo).

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