Amanda Bengtsson Jallow


Offices: Sweden

Amanda Bengtsson Jallow works as an Analyst at Technopolis Group’s subsidiary in Sweden. She is oriented towards public policy evaluation, management policy, implementation and European public policy studies. She has contributed to evaluations, impact assessments and policy studies in her previous work in the private sector. She has successfully applied several methods such as interviews, desk research, surveys, environmental scanning and literature reviews. 

Prior to joining Technopolis Group, Amanda did an internship which led to employment contract, at the Swedish consultancy company Kontigo, which is specialised in assessing public policies. Most recently she has pursued her master’s degree in political science and obtained her diploma in 2018. 

Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stockholm University that focused on management policy, implementation and public policy evaluation. Furthermore, she obtained her master’s degree in political science from Stockholm University where the principal subjects were European public policy studies, international political economy and global and regional governance. She has also obtained 30 ECTS credits in gender studies from Stockholm University. Her mother tongue is Swedish and she has advanced knowledge of English and a good understanding of Norwegian and Danish.  

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