Study on needs assessment and concept development for impact-oriented RTI monitoring

Publication date: 19 December 2023 | Report language: DE

This study, commissioned by Section III – Innovation and Technology of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, carried out in close cooperation with KMU Forschung Austria, presents the development of an impact-oriented monitoring system for research, technology and innovation (FTI). This system addresses the evolving nature of FTI policy, which has shifted from basic research to a focus on societal benefits through innovation and economic growth. Central to this is the concept of transformative innovation policy (TIP), which aims to mobilise innovation to address broad societal challenges such as climate change or health issues. The request guiding this exercise was to identify an overarching monitoring system, based on information requests collected bottom up within the Ministry in different thematic areas. Recommendations emphasise the need for timely monitoring by funding agencies and external processes, enhanced by online project information collection and data analysis technologies. It outlines the BMK’s comprehensive project to promote impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation of FTI policies, in line with long-term goals and actions for a transformative FTI approach.

The project included individual interviews with thematic officers in the Ministry and funding agencies, and three workshops within the Ministry to discuss needs and options for a better monitoring system. Two months after the report, the Ministry has set up several working groups to take up selected recommendations from this exercise.

Authors: Katharina Warta (Technopolis), Peter Kaufmann, Jakob Kofler, Harald Wieser (KMU Forschung Austria).