Six-year evaluation of the strategic innovation programme Metallic materials

Publication date: 11 November 2019 | Report language: SV

The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova), the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas) and the Swedish Energy Agency assigned Faugert & Co Utvärdering/Technopolis Sweden in collaboration with Technopolis Ltd to evaluate the strategic innovation programme (SIP) Metallic Materials, which at the beginning of the assignment had been operational for six years. The purpose of the evaluation was to identify results and early impacts as a foundation for the agencies’ decisions on renewed funding, and to provide support for the agencies and the programme office in order for the programme to learn and develop as well as possible. Data collection consisted of document studies, self-evaluation questionnaire, registry analyses, funding analyses, social network analyses, bibliometric analyses, in-depth interviews, web surveys, expert assessment as well as presentations of observations, preliminary conclusions and preliminary recommendations. The evaluation was conducted between January and November 2019.