Final Evaluation of 4 KK-profiles

Publication date: 27 August 2014 | Report language: SV

Technopolis Group undertook an evaluation of The Knowledge Foundation’s (KK Foundation) funding programme, “KK-profiles”, with respect to the outcome of four profiles located at Mid Sweden University, Skövde University College, Halmstad University College, and Malmö University College. The programme was designed to provide multi-year support to the build-up of strong research groups (profiles) at selected young, smaller universities in collaboration with industry. Methods used included a self evaluation from each of the four research profiles, peer-review of the scientific quality by external experts, bibliometrics, interviews and site visits. Technopolis Group found that the profiles had undergone a postive development during the six years of funding, in some cases most positive; essentially all goals had been reached. There was still room for improvement in some places, for instance regarding publication quality and increased international visibility. As a consequence of the evaluation, support to the profile in Malmö was terminated. Support was continued to be provided to the other profiles through the KK Foundation’s various instruments.