Development of a method to assess the impact of Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies

Publication date: 15 February 2021 | Report language: FR

The Investment for the Future Programme (PIA) funds since 2012 the setting up and activities of 14 Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies (SATT) in France. The SATT have the objective to collect research ideas and concept from academia and public research organisations in a given geographical perimeter (often one Region), provide funding and support for the idea to be transferred to for profit organisations (Groups, SMEs, start-ups). SATT have been evaluated individually twice since 2012. The mission’s objective was to develop a methodology to assess the impact of the SATT on their clients (firms buying IP or technologies), their shareholders (universities and PROs) and the ecosystem they work with (other innovation support structures, incubators, etc.).

Find a summary of the report here (also in French).